Accounting Intern

Sage Apartment Communities is seeking an Accoutning Intern for their corporate office in Irvine, CA. Sage is an apartment management firm that owns, operates, develops and manages over 50 multi-family properties across16 US states. We would love to hire someone who is currently studying accounting or a related field who also wants to gain some real world experience before graduating. 

This person would assist our Accounting team with processing invoices, reporting and documentation as we are overloaded with work as Sage continues to rapidly expand into new properties. If the intern proves to add value to the team during their internship, we would definintely consider offering a full time position upon graduation. 

All applicants must be in thier last year before graduating to be considered. We are willing to be flexible with your class schedule and the number of hours you work per week. 

If you are hard working, passionate about learning accounting and willing to grow within a company - please apply TODAY to 

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